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The Roadmap for our business is to Achieve "TO BE" and the need to build capacity.

Project Management

Our Project Management focuses on the elements Tasks, People, Expectations and Control and continually manages pressures associated with a project through planning, analysis and the use of modern control tools and techniques.

Building Construction

Building construction today is a significant part of industrial culture and development, a manifestation of its diversity and complexity and a measure of its mastery of natural forces, which can produce a widely varied built environment to serve the diverse needs of society. All done according to the standards set by the NHBRC.


The method and equipment used in earth removing is an important economic and design factor in the development and subsequent design. We utilize different equipment i.e. bulldozers, hydraulic excavator, scrapers, front end loaders, etc. depending on their suitability for the applicable construction.

Health and Safatey

Verlen Developments has always maintained a strong commitment to health and safety for the protection of our employees and clients. Our health and safety records are a direct result of a commitment to executing projects in a safe and effective manner.

Petro Chemical

Verlen Developments prides ourselves in our ability to use technology as a tool to ensure that all  parties involved have the most accurate and up to date information available. Whether it is related to scheduling, submittals, cost projections, layout drawings or estimating, Verlen Developments has the tools and necessary expertise to provide the information required to make accurate and efficient decisions.

Cost Estimation & Document Control

Estimation for cost planning purposes during the advanced design stage when full drawings and specifications have taken shape are done with a specialist team. Our Estimators can also use the method to prepare Bills of Approximate Quantities that can be used for tendering or negotiating with the client. These are crucial to any development and are stored for further reference in a place of safekeeping.


As a civil engineering contractor, Verlen Developments performs a variety and several divisions of work required for the industrial, commercial, factories, petrochemical installations sectors including centralized business projects such as Malls, security residential housing projects, etc. This provides us with a competitive advantage in terms of expertise and competitive pricing at all times. We are also catering for the homeowner for alterations and add-ons. Therefore no job is too big or too small!

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